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The “New Normal” for GP Services in NHS Lanarkshire

On the 23rd of March 2020 Scotland entered lockdown like the rest of the U.K. At this time the Huntergreen Community Health Centre and the GP Surgeries located within it closed their doors and moved to a purely phone consultation system. This was to protect staff and protect patients from face to face contact and Covid 19.

Since then NHS services have not moved on much and services and far from resuming as normal, with the virus still present and circulating in our communities.

As lockdown ends and we move through the recovery phases set out by the Scottish Government, some NHS services are beginning to resuming at a slow and safe pace.

The need for social distancing limits both the way in which patients can be assessed safely but also the number of patients that are able to attend for appointments at one time.

We realise from our experiences over the Covid pandemic that very many medical concerns can be safely and effectively dealt with over the phone or via a video consultation and do not necessarily need seen face to face. 

We hope that you bear with us and work with us on this next step to move GP services forward.

We care about our patients safety and well being and hope to provide them with excellent medical care whatever the new way of the NHS will be.

How is The Surgery Functioning at Present - What to Expect When You Call Your GP Surgery?

  • As before, when you call our trained Administration staff will ask you the nature of you call. This is to allow them to prioritise urgent medical concerns and / or direct you to the most appropriate healthcare provider for your concern
  • Telephone operating times 08:30-9:00, 09:30-12:30, 14:00 - 16:00. Emergencies only out with these times. 
    • The reason for reduced operating telephone times is to allow GP's and Administration staff to process the large volume of calls that come into the surgery 
    • This means that the large majority of patient issues will be dealt with on the same day by a callback
    • Monday's are our busiest day and it can be lengthy to get through on the phones. If your query is not a same day emergency and can wait to call us back another day it will be dealt with on the same day you call later in the week
    • GP's work through a large communal pool of patient calls daily and we are currently unable to give you a set call back time.
    • If you wish to speak to a specific GP you will likely need to wait longer for your issue to be dealt with 
  • Please do not attend the surgery in person unless asked to by a member of staff from our surgery 
  • If you are given an appointment time to come down to the surgery:
    • please attend at this time only (not early or late) as you are given an allocated appointment slot due to social distancing requirements in the waiting room
    • please wear a face covering 
    • please attend alone (unless a carer is required to come with you)
  • If you have any Covid symptoms (cough and/or fever and/or loss of taste/smell) please DO NOT attend the surgery. Please book a Covid test at
  • All prescriptions will be sent to your nominated pharmacy and should not be collected in person (please let admin staff know which pharmacy this is)
  • All sick notes requests will be e-mailed or posted to you after a telephone consultation with the GP.
  • This current system of working may change based on demand / Covid guidance 


Thank You,

Huntergreen Medical Practice 

As always your comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated (, 01355 578030