Home Visit Requests

Doctor's bagPhone 01355578030 as soon after 8.30am as possible and before 11.00am. Home visits are generally only carried out for patients who are registered housebound or terminally ill. 

Our trained admin staff will ask for your name, address and telephone number, as well as a brief description of what is wrong.This helps the emergency doctor to assess the urgency of the call and any home visits can be planned accordingly. The emergency doctor may phone you back for further details, and indeed may suggest that a visit to the Health Centre or  telephone advice is all that is necessary. 

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a time frame in which you will be seen. This will depend on the urgency of your call and the volume of patients who have requested a home visit.  

Home visits are not for acute emergencies e.g. suspect heart attack or stroke. If you feel your medical condition is an emergency please call 999. Equally if you feel your medical condition has significantly worsened whilst waiting on a GP, please call 999. 

Please remember that we can see about five or six people in the surgery in the time it would take to do one house call. It would therefore be appreciated if every effort could be made to come to the surgery.

Children are expected to be brought into the Health Centre to be seen.

Transport issues are not an appropriate reason for a house visit.